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    Asset Maintenance Management

    Delegates who take this 2-day course will learn:


    • The state of play in the War for Talent.
    • The importance of “know-how” when attracting star performers.
    • The rules for managing a succession plan.
    • How to build a leadership pipeline.
    • The advantages and disadvantages of retention.

    Who should attend?

    • Talent Managers
    • Talent Sourcing Managers
    • Leadership Development Directors Managers
    • Human Resources Directors / Managers/ Human Resources Consultants
    • Executive Training Directors / Managers

    Maintenance & Production Spares

    Delegates who take this 2-day course will learn how to:


    • Apply the latest techniques in material cataloguing and determine the various specifications of engineering material including bearings, belts, couplings, gaskets, seals, chains, sprockets, valves, pipelines, piping fittings flanges, bolts, nuts and blinds.
    • Identify the various specifications of metallic and non-metallic materials including iron, steel, alloys, copper, aluminium, plastics, rubber, ceramics, glasses and composite materials.
    • List spare parts and manage inventory and stores in a professional manner.
    • Decide on the optimum method for optimization of fast-moving item level.
    • Identify spares and stock level based on the equipment critically.
    • Plan spares demand towards increased equipment reliability.
    • Identify inventory using bar codes or other methods.
    • Understand the interface between spares and the CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System).

    Who should attend?

    • Store managers
    • Buyers
    • Maintenance engineers
    • IT persons associated with the store’s software and the CMMS
    • Maintenance planners and schedulers
    • Material managers / Production managers / Material engineers
    • Maintenance artisans and technicians

    New Construction Regulations 2014

    Delegates who take this 2-day course will:


    • Understand how lean thinking has evolved since its inception, and how it applies to different sectors, operations and business processes.
    • Understand in depth the Lean Project Management philosophy, performance goals and critical success factors.
    • Understand the real reasons for failure in projects managed and planned with a “traditional” style.
    • Use lean ideas to see project works as a “flow process” and to think about its improvement along the entire value chain.
    • Develop a strategy and a medium-term implementation plan to incorporate lean planning tools, tips and techniques.
    • Implement strategies to increase project performance through lean-thinking people while assuring their job satisfaction.
    • Gain an in-depth insight into how lean ideas have evolved and are continuing to evolve into a fascinating, future scenario.

    Who should attend?

    General Managers – High and mid-level Managers (Operations, Project, New Project, Contract, Production, Quality, R&D, Engineering, Planning, Contract…) from private project-driven enterprises (project management companies – engineering / architectural companies – construction companies, turn-key companies – electrical, mechanical, air- conditioning, piping, etc. contractors – shop-fitters, interior / exterior decorators, landscaping contractors – developers – banks, service establishments – mining enterprises – special machinery manufacturers – software houses – and the like) of all sizes; and key personnel from public / governmental organisations and institutions active in public project works of any nature (civil construction, roads, railways, electrical distribution, municipality services, agricultural development, etc.)

    World Class Warehousing & Inventory

    Delegates who take this 2-day course will learn:


    • How to understand that materials that comprise a company’s inventory are a major asset – looking after it.

    • Techniques to ensure that the stockroom or warehouse are run in such a manner that each item movement planned or unplanned, is recorded.

    • Maintaining high accuracy of inventory records.

    • Implementing practical performance measurements.

    Who should attend?

    • Warehouse Managers / Directors / Distribution Managers / Directors / Logistics Managers / Directors
    • Supply Chain Managers / Directors/ Head of Warehouse / Warehouse Controllers
    • Logistics Planners / Operations Managers / Materials Managers / Inventory Control Supervisors
    • Stock Control Officers / Inventory Controllers / Outsourcing Managers / Supply Chain Business Architects
    • Shared Service Professionals

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